Whet your Skills to be a Designer in Demand!

The new age design no longer just remains a part of aesthetics, as there is more to it which meets the eye. As the demand is growing higher and higher, the competition is getting tougher. Wherefore, as a designer you need to pull up your socks in order to whet your skills, so as to carve your niche as a designer.

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In this blog, we will discuss what all things the designers must be aware of in order to give tough competition to their contemporaries.

Pick up your hues properly

According to a survey conducted at the Seoul International Color Expo, over 92% of the consumers prefer to buy merchandise after looking at its colors. Another more surprising thing to know is that only 6% of the people make their buying decision after touching the stuff of the product, whereas a minimal number of 1% of the buyers make their choices after hearing or smelling (only if they are about to buy some music or room freshener).


Colors have a very deep physiological effect on the brain of purchasers. This is the reason why designers need to be very cautious while designing.

Being a designer you need to be very proficient while working with colors. You need to master the art of picking the best suited hues for your web pages in order to make them attractive enough to catch the attention of the visitors.

Blur it with Panache

One can also use blur which is another best technique for designing. It is an incredible tip and one can use it excellently .

Brian Hoff an expert in this field has also explained in his article on how to use this tool in a subtle way. He writes, “I like to blur my eyesight a bit by squinting or crossing my eyes. This enables me to focus on the contrast and white space of the letter forms without becoming distracted by the characters themselves.”

Experiment headlines

While designing headlines it is pretty obvious that we need to do tracking and kerning in order to get the headlines right. If you are using sans serif fonts which can high-lighten the mistakes in the design.

If you are using a sans serif font for your headline, you need to ensure that you need to go for rough tracking before kerning. You need go for tracking for each of the character before putting kerning in each spacing between the characters.

This is also for numerals as well. For instance, numeral ‘1’ with anything before and after such as ‘418’, or an even space ? will always have to get a kern. Now with numbers having more than one ‘1’, require tight kerning.


?Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.?

– Scott Adams

Having knowledge and experience of working on several high tech program is necessary, but you need to add some pinch of your creativity in order to ensure that your developed products stand apart from the crowd. As we are well aware that designing is all about aesthetics, wherefore in order to have a blooming career you need to think out of the box. With an ample lot of people pursuing designing we have competition at its height. In order to stand tall in the competition, you need to add a personal style of yours in your designs. This is where the computer cannot do and this is where you can prove your credibility as a designer.

Print Designers

We know that the designers work on digital media but this does not gives them the leverage to exclude print design works. You need to know that the proper color spacing, color separation, grid layouts and other such concepts are needed to be paid attention as most of your work will be posted on print material, as there are a lot of times when a firm decides to go for marketing and additional promotions.

Experiment but not risk it!


In harrowing search of creativity most of the designers apply a lot of skew , stretch or try to change the fonts and end up distorting their dimensions on working with their outlines. This is a big no no for those who love to experiment and it is advised that one should not try and experiment a lot unless you are seeking some specific design. Searching a picture or a vector image can end up in a messy way. However, if you need a desired look make sure you do it properly so that it do not ruin your time as the piece ends up as a sheer waste.

Design Software

As discussed above, that the competition in web designers is rising and this is obviously due to fact that the competition among the companies is rising. The designs are becoming more complex and so are the tools and software’s used to make them have become highly technical and advanced. Now we have Illustrator, In Design, Photoshop and several other tools to choose from and further you need to use your creativity to harness the tools offered by these software’s. Further, in this turbulently changing world you need to have a grasp of all the software’s as it would be quite incompetent to say no to your seniors and more over every one like to work with versatile designers.

Turbo-charge yourself!

Change cannot be avoided and hence we need to upgrade our skills, timely in order to fight in this competitive world. So, turbo-charge yourself as the competition is ruthless.

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Author Biography:

This post is contributed by Jack Calder who is involved in the matter of converting PSD to HTML CSS for Markupcloud Ltd. Jack has shared a nice post above on how a designer can enhance their skills to become more successful in web designing. The points above are very important and useful for every designer.