Top 10 Best Premium WordPress Themes of 2019

Gone is the time, when everything used to be on the Offline stats. Nowadays, having a website is a must. May it be any sort of a site, but the most easiest and coolest site to maintain is the CMS based sites, and most easiest and common CMS that exists is the WordPress. WordPress is basically a blogging platform, but with the help of plugins, extensions, etc., a WordPress blog can be turned into a full fledged site to work on, and give it the look of a proper site of any kind.

WordPress is all about themes. If you set up a theme accordingly, you can even create an amazing e commerce platform, which generally costs thousands of dollars to create! There are so many themes available, designed by various designers, designing firms, etc. The plugins alignment, the minor alterations in them, etc, and you prepare your full fledged site using WordPress itself. There are all types of themes available, like the responsive ones, interactive ones, etc. All themes offer unique and amazing features and work great for everyone with a different purpose.

There are themes of all types. Some are heavy, light, and some are just the perfect ones. Out of the thousands of themes in the market, choosing the right one to use, or purchase won’t be a job easily done. But, if you have a collection of some already cool themes, which are perfect, and you get to choose the one for you from them, it is better. So, we have prepared a list of these perfect WordPress themes for 2019.

1. Zero

best wordpress themes 1

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2. Transcend

best wordpress themes 2

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3. Dialymagazine Clean Flat Magazine  Theme

best wordpress themes 3

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4. AppTheme

best wordpress themes 4

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5. Sparkle Outstanding Magazine Theme

best wordpress themes 5

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6. Stylist

best wordpress themes 6

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7. Twenties Clean Responsive Blog WordPress Theme

best wordpress themes 7

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8. Music

best wordpress themes 8

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9. Osage Multiuse WordPress Magazine Theme

best wordpress themes 9

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10. Rexus

best wordpress themes 10

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