The guide to creating a website mockup: reasons you need one

User-friendliness and simple interface are particularities that are important for each user, agree? And even if you say that ?cover is not so crucial, look deeper?, you will still evaluate the website by its interface you see first. That is why it is necessary to know what makes a good website. A good mockup makes it. What is mockup and how to create a website mockup? That is our article about. ?

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creating a website mockup, making a website mockup, website mockup, free website mockup

More about mockup for a website


A mockup is a next stage that comes after the wireframing process. Mockup provides a customer with a colorful website version that looks like a full-fledged website. With the help of mockup, a customer and designer can see how a website should look, all visual elements are located where they should be and so on. ?


If you are a little bit confused and you don?t know the difference between mockup, wireframe, and prototype, we will give you a short explanation.


Wireframe comes first, it is a simple sketch of a website, and it contains drawn elements like buttons and windows, and designers often create wireframes simply drawing by hand.


As for mockup, designers already create a phantom of a completed web page that contains all necessary elements and components. Mockup gives designer and a customer the understanding of how a website will look.


A prototype is a website version that you can use almost in a full manner. It has clickable buttons and other elements, you can test how it works and so on. In fact, it is a completed product but it has a limited number of features.


A prototype is required if you plan to find investors for a further development of your product. That is, you can show them how your website may look, how attractive it can be, and how profitable it potentially can be.


Why is a mockup for website required? ?


If you think you don?t need a prototype – you can ignore it and skip this stage. A wireframe is the beginning of everything. But mockup is a must for a web page.


We recommend you to immerse deeper in this issue and figure out what benefits mockup has.


Timely revisions. With the help of website mockup, designers can see all possible defects on the early stage. There are cases when designers had other vision at the beginning, and after the implementation, they can see al disadvantages and defects on a mockup. In this case, everything can be changed quickly without additional costs and for a short period of time.


Diversification. It may happen a customer doesn?t want to include some technologies in design, whereas a designer wants to convince him or her that this option will be preferable. Using mockup, a designer can try to prove that his/her recommendation is expedient.


Customer?s loyalty. A customer can be rather skeptical to a designer?s professionalism until h/she sees a mockup and will be able to evaluate the real level of a designer.


In addition, a customer can also benefit from mockup in the following ways:


The attraction of investors. As we noted above, If a customer has intentions to find investors, then it is necessary to create a prototype of the product. But if a customer wants to save on money since investors can refuse to invest, it is better to show them a mockup. There is a chance that a good website mockup will also be interesting for investors.


An understanding of the functionality. If a customer is satisfied with a mockup, he or she sees how it will function, he/she gains a better understanding of the future functionality and the level of trust between designer customer is growing.


Better cooperation. A customer sees everything, and if he/she doesn?t like colors or sizes of some elements, they can speak with a designer to change everything quickly.


So the last advantages can be considered as the best advantages. Permanent connection between customer and designer leads to the development of a good product and both parties feel comfortable.


The way to create a mockup for a website


It is not enough to have many ideas to create a cool mockup for a website. In addition to a visual part, it is necessary to think through how functional it will be and whether a user will be satisfied with it. So if you want to know how to make a good website design, you should get acquainted with all key moments.


Mockup should give users a comfortable surfing, not only good-looking design.


Imagine or remember when you used a website that has not thought-out UX. You are looking for a button you need, but you fail. What will you do? You shut this website once and for all. To avoid such situations, mockups should be created. Only if you look through a mockup, you will be able to evaluate the level of its user-friendliness.


In order to create a website mockup that will fit all requirements of users and that is fully functional, it is necessary to take into account various useful information like the idea of a website, services the website is to provide, target audience, an average age range of users, the type of content the website should display.


All this information will be useful for designers as well, not only for developers. The best option if a customer can show already existing similar websites to give designers the understanding of what he or she wants.


Well, then, information is gathered, and it is the time for planning. Designers need to plan everything thoroughly to ensure proper designing and avoid possible mistakes. Besides that, a proper planning will help a customer to save unexpected costs.


The team of designers should understand what the type of website should be (e.g. adaptive or responsive, or both etc.).


In addition, designers cannot ignore the mobile version of a website, they should know whether users will be able to surf a website easily using smartphones or tablets.


When a website mockup designing is over, designer and customer should have a meeting and discuss all nuances regarding the final version. If a designer has some specific arguments, he/she can explain them using visual proof.


Mockup for a website is important. And you should pay attention to this stage if you want your website to be successful. So take all necessary into account and may the force be with you!


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