3 SEO Mistakes You Must Avoid

SEO Mistakes

What a lot of SEO beginners do not realize, though, is that the algorithms search engines like Google use are constantly changing. As a result, a lot of the information you see online regarding SEO is not only outdated but could result in penalties on your website. Regardless of whether you are an internet marketer trying to increase rankings for a review site or you are a small business trying to increase organic search traffic for your product or service, search engine optimization is extremely important. Here are 3 SEO mistakes you should avoid to ensure your site ranks as high as possible:

SEO Mistakes You Must Avoid
SEO Mistakes You Must Avoid

1: Focusing On Quantity Instead of Quality

It is not the amount of backlinks that you have that will help you rank higher in search engines, it is the quality of the backlinks that you have. As search engines have evolved, more emphasis is placed on having relevant backlinks pointing to your site from authority sites in your niche. Having one high quality backlink on a site that is related to your business will provide a lot more benefit than having hundreds of spammy backlinks on low-authority sites that have nothing to do with your business.

2: Over Optimized Anchor Text

Your anchor text is the text that is linked to a URL pointing back to your site. For a very long time it was best practice to always link a specific keyword to anchor text to rank for that term. If you had a shoe company, for example, you would try to make your backlinks always come from the anchor text “best shoe company”. That worked for a very long time but recently Google has stated that over optimizing anchor text may violate terms of service and be considered a link scheme. Instead, link to un-anchored URLs, brand names, and long sentences rather than always linking to optimized keywords.

3: Keyword Stuffing

If you have a keyword you are trying to rank for, using it too many times in the same article can lead to penalties. This is especially true for long tail keywords such as “best law offices new york city”. If you use that phrase 4 or 5 times in a 300-word article there is a good chance Google could penalize you for it. Instead of focusing on using long tail keywords multiple times, put an emphasis on creating quality content and creating multiple pages or posts that contain your keyword.