How comment tweaking can help you create a better WP site?

Comment Tweaking in WordPress is not an easy task, in fact and it helps you to create a better WP site, it is near to impossible.Thanks to truckloads of resourceful plugins & incredible functionality.

Whether you have a WordPress blog or website, comments are quite imperative, since they help in establishing a good online community and invite additional traffic to the site. Enabling the comments offers valuable benefits, but it has certain downsides too. Although, you may like to accumulate content provided by the users, but there may be certain situations where the user-generated comments can be more of a problem.

Luckily, there are many tweaks that can help you fine tune the process of commenting. Let’s have a look at some resourceful tips.

comment tweaking (1)

Tweak # 1: Tweaks in Discussion Settings

WordPress features a section – “Discussion Settings” that allows one to choose desirable options and customize the settings of their WP site. Here are some tweaks related to comment posts that can help you improve your WP performance.

  • Get an e-mail notification for every comment post:

By choosing an option – “Anyone posts a comment”, you will get email notifications for each and every comment post; this can help you stay updated with every new comment and thus, you can moderate the comments easily.

The other option is “A comment is held for moderation”, by marking this option, you will be notified via an email only if the commenter has commented for the first time. This means, the previous commenters or approved visitors will not need any verification, and thus their comments won’t be notified through email.

  • Settings for handling comments before they appear on posts:

This can help you restrict a comment in two possible ways –

An administrator must always approve the comment” by selecting this check box, all visitor’s comments will get stacked under the moderation panel, and won’t be displayed on the site, until you approve them.

Comment author must have a previously approved comment”, this option will only restrict the comments that are posted by new visitors, and thus it allows approved visitors to instantly post the comments on your site.

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Tweak # 2: How to move a comment from a post to another?

Before this, you might think that why would one want to make this change. Certainly, there are a number of reasons that can encourage a user to move a comment. It could be because –

  • the user has drafted another version of an older post and wants to provide an option to redirect to that old post; this redirected link can be easily introduced, but the associated comments won’t get redirected along with the old post.

  • If a site viewer mistakenly leaves a comment on a wrong post, probably because he got confused with the information in the posts. This means, the comment won’t relate to the post and thus, has to be moved since, it can confuse the other readers as well.

These are a few possible reasons and there might be a lot more.

Moving comments in WordPress is not an easy task, in fact, it is near to impossible. Thanks to the truckloads of resourceful plugins and their incredible functionalities.

There is an overwhelming list of plugins out there to make a choice; you can easily find one for almost everything, and there is a one for moving WP comments too.

One such plugin is Tako Movable Comments, it allows admin to move a comment from a post to another or a post to a page, moreover, it facilitates users to move multiple comments and threaded comments at once to conveniently streamline the site.

Tweak # 3: Close the comments on old pages and posts

Comments also add to the site loading time, thus it is a good practice to close the option of commenting on a page or post after a certain amount of time. And since, older posts are more prone to spam, this will also help you avoid spamming.

Hence, it’s recommended to set a certain time to shut down the comments after for a post. This will help you save your time and efforts for monitoring comments on older posts. It can be done by –

  • Closing comments on each and every post, with this approach you can easily target some specific posts.

  • Automatically closing comments by simply mentioning the number of days, you want it to be active.

Wrapping Up:

Few simple comment tweaks can help you shed your administrative load with ease and save time. The above mentioned easy tweaks will allow you to conveniently enhance your website performance. While having a requirement of HTML to WordPress website the comment tweaking option would be worthwhile for WP site.