Here’s Why Your e-Commerce Business Needs a Mobile App

Shopping Spree, Shopaholic, and what not! Digitization has changed the way people do their shopping. It has touched the brick and mortar commerce arena to such extent that the conventional commerce itself is getting extinct.

According to Statista, a forecast for mobile app downloads was a whopping 197 billion.

To add to the mobile app development trend, Business Insider found out that Millennials use the mobile applications the most and millennials consist of 35% of users.

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Imagine out of the total 35% of users are willingly using a mobile app and the others are exploring it.

eCommerce mobile app, what once was a revolution has now become a need for the businessmen.


Let me tell you that business is all about considering the customer-first approach. If they prefer shopping online, then you have to display your products where your customers are. This is how you will rank at the top of the search engine result and app store and drive more sales opportunities.

Malls and supermarkets are no longer the shopping places, they are being lowered to ?Selfie zones?, ?window shopping fads?, and ?Check-in? spots.

This is the touch of digitization. If you want to leverage the most out of your business, you have to stay up with the trends. Still not convinced?

Let me give you some more reasons to believe in building an app.

  • Building an eCommerce App for Creating Brand Awareness

Agree or agree?

You see more ads and brochures on your mobile than the traditional print media.

Mobile has become the new print media. Mobile applications are used on the go by the users. Even while your customers are busy using their social media platforms, they are encircled by the ads and mobile applications.

Taking a benefit of this exposure, if your targeted audience takes a look at your brand identity, it can be easier for you to market your brand using various promotional methods.

This is how your targeted audience can be easily attracted and the rest of the steps are on you to manage to connect make better sales chances.

  • Building an E-commerce application to Provide Better Customer Support

You cannot resolve the queries of your customers on telephone anymore. They would not prefer visiting your store and ranting about the product while creating a brouhaha about it.

An eCommerce mobile app has its own benefit. You can track how the users are interacting with your brand using various analytics and can easily solve their dilemmas.

On the other hand, a mobile app can make the entire process faster. Your targeted audience might not have access to the big screen at all the times. This could do nothing but increase the turnaround time of complaint lodging or for seeking support.

Ultimately, the targeted audience would be frustrated and that is when a mobile app comes handy.

  • Building an E-commerce application to increase your Sales chances

Having an offline store can get you customers only during weekends but an eCommerce mobile app can help you get sales opportunities every now and then.

Your targeted audience can shop or just scroll down your inventory while commuting, while at work, during the meeting and so on.

This is how you can create sales chances. Apart from this, you can send them notifications about offers and deals to engage them and keep them glued to your app.

  • Building an E-commerce App for Better Customer Engagement

Talking about a brick and mortar store, the customer comes with a fixed intention and makes his purchase.

Contrary to this, an eCommerce mobile app can help you market your products better. You can leverage the app push notifications and attract the attention of your audience.

You can customize offers, discounts, deals and drive sales out of it. With the mobile app, the user’s sole attention is on the mobile screen and this is your chance for creating better sales opportunities.

  • Building an E-commerce Mobile application for Up-selling and Cross-selling

How do you upsell and cross-sell in your brick and mortar store? Simply by saying how the product is good?

However, if the user does not like the clingy salesmanship, he would directly go to the billing counter and checks out and you have failed your strategy.

It?s time to get over the traditional norms!

A mobile app can help you drive engagement and hence create better opportunities for upselling and cross-selling. App push notifications can help you attract your customers to your app and you can take this communication ahead.

  • E-commerce application Can Help Reduce the Cart Abandonment Rate

An e-commerce website can help you only to some extinct in reducing your cart abandonment rate but a mobile app will be your friend throughout.

Loading time and buffer time can bore your targeted audience to the core while integrating your third-party APIs and the result is cart abandonment.

The mobile applications can save the payment details of your customer and help them redirect faster while saving them from the hassles of manually entering the card details.

Key Takeaway

Ultimately, it is all about having a customer first approach.

The smarter way is to get an e-commerce mobile app built by a team of experts.

Thinking about-about the cost of building a mobile app for your eCommerce business? Think no more.

Simply if you search for, ?cost of building an app? you will see your device flooded with thousands and hundreds of materials.

But the question remains, whom should you trust?

Your requirements!

The cost of building a mobile app for eCommerce can be better estimated with the help of requirements. Talk to a reputed app development company to get started with your eCommerce mobile app.