CSS3- What makes it significant in a web design?

Abound by a multitude of technologies, the web design world is evolving at a rapid pace. CSS(Cascading Style Sheets) has indeed become one of the most preferred web design methods used for creating websites that carry the potential of impressive website visitors to the fullest. If you’re the one who’s a bit dicey about using CSS for designing websites, this is a post that will offer you every bit of information about the topic. Here, I’ve captured the meaning of CSS3 along with the reasons backing its importance in web design.

CSS3 importance

What exactly is CSS3(Cascading Style Sheet)?

CSS3 is basically a powerful style sheet languages that’s used for monitoring the overall look and feel of the HTML content within a web design. In other words, you can use the CSS3 language for detailing the effective presentation of your web page’s HTML or XHTML markup language. This is backslash of CSS. You’ll be able to tweak the fonts, colors and layout of the webpage in your own unique way. For instance, if there is a website element called ?title? and you’re interested in making the text size as ?10px?, the text color ?red? and padding around the text as ?11px? then using CSS3 will allow you to do all this and much more.

Now, here’s a look at some of the most prominent reasons behind the growing importance of CSS3 in web designs

  • Bandwidth usage is reduced by a great level

Since CSS3 separates your website’s content from the design languages, it becomes convenient for you to reduce the file transfer size. That means, the CSS3 document would be stored externally and will be accessible only when a particular visitor(s) requests your blog/website. This would reduce the bandwidth consumed by your portal and result in faster load time in addition to a good cut in your web hosting costing.

  • CSS3 makes it easier for you to make your website available for a range of media

With CSS, you can easily face the challenge of making your website available for varied media. You can use this style sheet language for enabling the same markup page to be showcased in multiple viewing styles. For instance, you may opt for creating a separate stylesheet for the mobile devices or print.

  • A visible efficiency in design and updates is guaranteed with CSS3

CSS3 allows you to create rules in addition to applying them to multiple elements within your website. This CSS3 feature works as a great help tool during the side-wide changes that are expected at a later point of time. With the website content separated from its design, you simply need to make some minor alterations in your style sheet for achieving the desired effects.

  • Creating?table less?design becomes a breeze with CSS3

The term ‘tableless design’ refers to a webpage that makes a good use of HTML and CSS3 for creating a multi-column layout. There is no use of HTML tables. Hence, with CSS3, creating layouts for web pages(without the use of HTML tables) becomes a lot more convenient and hassle-free.

  • CSS3 enables you to specify precise size and positioning of design elements

With CSS3, it becomes quite convenient for you to specify the most accurate size and positioning of elements that would go into creation of your web pages. Additionally, you’ll also get to know as to in which pixel the browser would place the different web elements or the different images. Fortunately, there are multiple techniques that enable you to expand or contract your HTML content so as to fit into the navigational window.

  • CSS3 allows you to address the browser compatibility issue perfectly

Browser compatibility is one of the most vital issues addressed by CSS3. You can use this style sheet language for improving individual traits of your website along with availing the flexibility of allowing your visitors to view your website from any of the popular browsers including Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and many more.

  • CSS3 allows you to handle SEO(Search Engine Optimization) for your website

After incorporating CSS3 into your web design, you can easily discover an improved crawling of your site by all the popular search engines like Google, MSN, Bing etc. The clear and easy-to-read coding technique featured in CSS3 makes it comfortable for the search engines to comprehend your website content and list you among the topmost websites available over the internet.

Wrapping it all up

As an easy-to-work-with language, CSS3 has the potential to help you out in creating commendable web layouts quickly. Plus, the additional flexibility of controlling the web design elements makes your web design journey even more smooth and delightful.

This article is the contribution of Samuel Dawson who is expert professional in converting PSD to CSS in a certain span of time. Samuel has written above how the advent of CSS3 is very important for every designer and business.